The brief for this project was 'escape'; so we chose to escape our reality by creating a whole new culture for ourselves, inspired only by the area around us.

The culture was created with the idea that the natives of the culture had never been outside of the 172 bus route (the one thing that connected the three members of the group), and therefore their lives and behaviours had been molded by it.

The new 'natives' of the route were given a manner of speech that mimics the iBus announcement voice. A religion was created around the mythology that the voice was from 'The Lord of The Upper Deck'.

The culture has a traditional dress, sourced from local charity shops; a delicacy of fried chicken and gestures that mimic the use of an oyster card.

Finally, the group hijacked the top floor of the 172 bus route to perform a local tour of their favourite sites on the route.