The Brief From Public Works:

“How can key existing urban public spaces in Beirut be reclaimed and new visions afforded to enable minority groups to have different, better and more integrated social and physical relationships and engagements?”

<< Graphic created by Katya Krasner

^ Graphic created by Katya Krasner

We created The Active Citizen Framework. The framework helps to create an activity that has a dual purpose: to bring the community together and to capture data. The information that is collected during the activity can foster discussions and potentially create city-wide changes based on the results.

When researching Ramlet Al Bayda, Beirut’s only public beach, we discovered that the seawater is not safe to swim in. The government takes regular readings of their seawater and is aware of this, but they choose not to share this information with the public.

This is a prototype of a water quality reading station that the general public can use to measure the cleanliness of the water, and then share online with others to liberate this information.